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"Daniel is such a brilliant tutor and I am so thankful we found him. Our 14 year old daughter really looks forward to her piano lesson. Daniel is professional, warm, engaging, and so encouraging. Our daughter works on the exam pieces in between lessons without any encouragement from me as she feels very enthusiastic to make progress before her next lesson. Daniel is a very knowledgeable tutor and he recommended which books we needed to get to prepare for Grade 2 piano. Thank you Daniel you have made a huge difference as our daughter had previously lost interest in piano but thanks to your lessons she is making great progress and enjoying the journey." - Claudia

"My two children stopped learning piano during the pandemic period and neither was particularly keen to restart. However, in walked Daniel, and I can only say, "Wow!". His buoyant enthusiasm has inspired them both enormously. I am so happy with how the lessons are going, they are making great progress and we even at times have arguments over who gets to practice first...this absolutely never happened before! I love hearing them play and I certainly hope that we have many more years of Daniel teaching and inspiring them. So, thank you Daniel." - Fiona

"I really appreciate all of the patience you have with Imogen Dan. I hope you know it doesn't go unnoticed and she needs more people like you supporting her. So, thank you, from the bottom of my heart." - Roxanne

"Piano lessons were becoming a chore for my teenage daughter Tara, but no sooner had she had her first lesson with Dan, she came home positively beaming and with a renewed interest. Dan is so good at not pressuring her into taking exams and gently sets goals so that she progresses at her own pace. She always leaves each lesson happy and stimulated. Thank you Dan!" - Sarah

"Daniel has been teaching my daughter Erin piano for around 4 years now and she has recently passed her Grade 3 Piano Exam with Distinction which both Erin and myself are absolutely thrilled about. Daniel makes the lessons fun and interesting in both the playing and the music theory. He is encouraging and positive and Erin looks forward to her lessons. I would highly recommend Daniel." - Emma

"Daniel teaches my 14 year old girl Katherine and we are very happy with him. He has a lovely personality and knows how to motivate and encourage my daughter without losing the fun element. Katherine has recently passed her Grade 3 Piano Exam with Distinction and I know she wouldn't have achieved such a high score had it not been for Dan's patience and expert tuition coupled with her hard work outside lessons so thank you Dan, we are delighted." - Merline

"Daniel lives and teaches 35 miles from my own home and I do a 70 mile round trip so that he can teach myself and my daughter twice a week for an hour lesson each. I could look for a teacher considerably closer to home but I don't think for even twice the price, I could find anyone else that engages with us the way Daniel does. My daughter Olivia strives to do well so that she can earn a chest full of stickers on a weekly basis. We review our objectives constantly and Daniel is complimentary when we do well and is always full of praise, but is so accomplished that even when we might be note perfect when playing a piece, he will feedback when the rhythm or timing could be fine tuned so that we can really earn the ticks in our books to show we've completed the pieces. He makes us do better because he makes us believe we can (and we always do!). So, my 70 mile round trip twice a week will continue as long as he'll have us because I don't think we could have achieved as much as we have without him." - Yvonne

"Well where do I start? Dan is the most amazing piano teacher! He is so patient, kind and the most friendly guy you could ever wish to meet. My daughter Mia has a few problems with her health and Dan is always so supportive and seems to know just how much Mia can cope with on every lesson. Dan always welcomes you with the biggest smile ever, he truly is a remarkable guy and you couldn't find a better piano teacher if you looked the whole world over. My daughter always looks forward to her lessons even when she is not feeling so good and Dan always manages to bring a smile to her little face. Truly a superb piano teacher and one of the nicest guys you could ever meet and we are very lucky to have found him. The world needs more people like Dan!" - Helen

"I'm so proud of my little girl, she's coming on so much in her piano lessons with Daniel. She's only been doing it a few months but her confidence is really showing! Thank you so much Dan, Bella absolutely loves learning piano with you!" - Jessica